Guide for Lent

The season of Lent on the church calendar sets apart the 40 days leading up to Easter as a time for journeying with Christ to the cross. Lent is often expressed through the practices of repentance, fasting, and giving. The practice of fasting expresses our hunger and longing for God. Fasting acknowledges that we are people in waiting. And fasting prepares us to truly celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Ash Wednesday: Prayers of Repentance


Lent Week 1: Gospel Stories

Desert 1

Lent Week 2: Cultivating Discernment

Lent Week 3: Stories of Encounter

Lent Week 4: Formed by Prayer


Lent Week 5: Prayers of Action

Palm Sunday

Holy Week

Fourth Sorrow of Mary

Additional Resources:

  • I’ve really enjoyed these liturgical meditation videos created by Fuller Studio. Watch Lent Video Here.

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