About Me

When I feel like I’ve lost myself, I wander around the city to find myself again. ♠️🤍💜

My name is Cindy S. Lee, PhD. I am a spiritual director, aspiring mystic, and wanderer. I love maps, coffee, and street art. I’ve lived in Downers Grove, Grand Rapids, Beijing, Taipei, and currently Los Angeles.

My spirituality honors the traditions of my family which includes the Christian tradition in a Taiwanese immigrant church as well as Taiwanese ancestral, Daoist, and Buddhist traditions. I don’t see a contradiction in holding all our sacred spiritualities. Daoists believe that the divine is unnameable and simply call her the Dao. Therefore, my spirituality is a way of life that embraces divine mystery and honors the sacredness in all beings and in all nature.

I completed a Ph.D in Practical Theology in the area of Spirituality from Claremont School of Theology. I write and teach as an adjunct professor in the areas of Christian mysticism, spiritual direction, and particularly a BIPOC-centered spirituality. I also train new spiritual directors at Liberated Together.

Author of Our Unforming: De-Westernizing Spiritual Formation with Fortress Press

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