The Spirituality of Staying

In the last few years I’ve looked to the women at the cross to serve as my guides through holy week, because they were the only ones who stayed and witnessed the whole ordeal. I recognize in these women a spirituality that I desperately need. Although they were powerless in the situation, they did what they could…they stayed. They followed behind Jesus on the way to the cross and witnessed the brutal violence. They did not let their doubts, disillusionment or fears scare them away. In their grief they prepared themselves to tend to the dead body of their good friend. And in the powerful spirituality of staying, they became the first witnesses of a new kind of life.

Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center

In the next few days, I invite you to join me in centering their story. In the attached guide, I piece together what little we know of their story so that you can see the scriptures side by side.

As you meditate on these passages, pay attention to the details. What do you learn from their powerful lives?

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