The One who Births All Life

It is natural for human beings to create God in our own image. This resulted in our fatherly, masculine God because that God reflects those with power. So it may seem difficult now to transform our indoctrinated minds to envision the tender Motherhood of God.

I’ve found it helpful for me to envision God as the one who births all life into being. That is our Mother God. Julian of Norwich wrote,

I saw three ways to look at the Motherhood of God. The first is that she created our human nature. The second is that she took our human nature upon herself, which is where the motherhood of grace begins. And the third is motherhood in action, in which she spread herself throughout all that is, penetrating everything with grace, extending to the fullest length and breadth, height and depth. All One Love.

Chapter 59

Julian believed that Advent begins with the motherly love of God who comes to us. May you be enveloped in the Motherly love of God this week.

Translation by Mirabai Starr

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